Grant Awarded To Transatlantic Textile Network

Grant Awarded ToTransatlantic Textile Network The College of Textiles at North Carolina State
University, Raleigh, N.C.; Philadelphia University, Philadelphia; and the University of
Massachusetts at Dartmouth, Dartmouth, Mass.; have received a grant from the U.S. Department of
Educations Fund for the Improvement of Secondary Education (FIPSE) to start a transatlantic network
for textile students. ENSAIT, France; RWTH Aachen, Germany; and UPC, Spain; are the European
partner universities involved in the program. The European partners are sponsored by the
Belgium-based European Commission.The purpose of the Transatlantic Textile Network is to facilitate
the exchange of students between the schools, to cooperate on curriculum issues, to facilitate
international internships and to create the possibility of virtual student exchange allowing
students to work on joint projects on both continents.According to Dr. Helmut Hergeth, associate
professor, Textile and Apparel Management, North Carolina State University, textiles and apparel
are global industries, and future textile leaders need to be able to cooperate across borders
without problems or hesitation. With this grant from FIPSE, efforts from U.S. universities to
expose students to global opportunities will move to a new level.
April 2001