Product Resource Guide

Product Resource GuidePumps, heavy duty, are for totes, tank and barrel washing. Units are designed for caustic, high-temperature and recycled fluids. Pumps have no cups, packings or seals and can run dry without damage. Hydra-Cell. 

Motors, explosion proof, are for applications in hazardous environments containing explosive gases or dusts. Motors are available in single-phase power through 2 hp and in 3-phrase through 250 hp. Motors available in steel frames through 5 hp and in cast iron through 250 hp. Leeson. (262) 387-5239. 

Brake actuator, UA, is a replacement for in-place brake systems for web converting machine. Actuator uses a dual-disk brake upgrade with anti-squeal friction pads. Each assembly has two pneumatic cylinders and four friction pads. Other features include quick-change release locks that allow pads to be changed in seconds, zero-maintenance piston and a 5-yr warranty. Dover Flexo Electronics. 

Operator interface, Model 2300, is a combination of a PLC and a motion control interface, offering a programmable touchscreen HMI, two connection ports, a programming port and a PS2 keyboard port. SoftPLC provides software and hardware products. Connection is by Winbuild 2000 HMI software and serial connection. Eason Technology. 

Switches, My-Con, offer repeatability to within 0.000040 in. and switch-point accuracy of +/-0.001 mm. Activitaging forces are defined by user between 30 and 250 grams. Units offer barrel-type housings, rectangular enclosures and M8 screw-on connectors. Standard activitating pin materials are offered, and devices are either a-c or d-c. Baumer 

Actuator, conveyor-stop, bases on an EF1 cylinder, self-lubricating nylon-shaft bearing and compact size. Rod end of stopper cyclinder is modified with a flange and anchored with four bolts. Flange has a pilot with an energy-absorbing polymer bearing, and cylinders oversized piston rod maximizes effecting bearing area. These features give stopper a load resistance up to 65 lb at 10 in./sec. Bimba Mfr. Co. 

Dust collectors, PleatJet II, uses a horizontal cartridge filter design for easy maintenance and filter changes. A Venturi-Pulse cleaning system is included as a standard feature. An Opti-Pulse cleaning design optimizes energy from the pulse pipe, providing uniform dust release. Device offers all-welded construction without cantilevered supports. Models available to 50,000 cfm. Sly. www.slyinc.comNovember 2001