Hosiery Equipment Show Goes To Four-Year Cycle

Hosiery Equipment Show Goes To Four-Year CycleThe leadership of The Hosiery Association (THA)
approved changing the frequency of its International Hosiery Exposition (IHE) trade show from every
two years to every four years.It was decided that a four-year cycle for both IHE and the European
hosiery show FAST would leave two years between shows in Europe and the Americas, and that this
schedule was in the best interests of hosiery manufacturers and suppliers worldwide.THA President
and CEO, Sid Smith, said, With the advent of the FAST show in Europe and the need to provide
equipment manufacturers time to develop new technologies, this move makes sense. While it does
extend the period of time before our technicians can see new technology, the cost of trade shows on
exhibitors is no small matter, and we want to help control those costs for all of our members.
January 2001