BTMA Recieves Award From China State Textile Industry

BTMA Receives Award From China State Textile Industry As part of its preparations prior to Chinas
anticipated accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO), the Chinese State Textile Industry
Bureau (STIB) is taking steps to improve the overall quality of its textile production in
anticipation of greater demand from overseas.As part of these preparations, STIB has extended its
award system to include not only domestic producers, but also overseas organizations that have
played a substantial and long-term part in the development of Chinas textile industry. The British
Textile Machinery Assocation (BTMA) is the first recipient of this award, which was presented to
Eric France, director, BTMA, by Chinese Minister Du Yuzhou during the Grand Meeting of the National
Conference on Textile Development, which recently took place in Shanghai.
January 2001