EcomTextile And ESASA Com Forge Strategic Alliance

EcomTextile Inc, Fullerton, Calif., announced a strategic alliance with Atlanta-based
The working agreement between the two companies will provide users with direct links between the
two sites. Visitors to can click on the link to arrive at the EcomTextile
site, allowing them to explore and and utilize its features to buy and sell their products.
Conversely, users of can select its machinery option to experience a transfer to
the textile equipment segment of addition to the links on their sites, and
EcomTextile are planning a number of joint efforts to introduce the services and functions provided
by each party to the global fibers, textiles and sewn products industry. This includes a presence
at upcoming trade shows, as well as joint sponsorship of industry events, conferences and
seminars.EcomTextile Inc. has also created an alliance with CIT Commercial Services, New York City.
Under the agreement, CIT will be a resource to provide factoring and financing services to users.

October 2000