DuPont Lycra Realigns Leadership

DuPont, Wilmington, Del., has announced that it has realigned its management structures and
resources of its Lycra® business by end-use segment rather than by region.According to the company,
that realignment will enable its global position to be leveraged in ways that benefit both DuPont
and its customers in local markets around the world.This reorganization will upgrade our global
supply and sourcing capabilities, as well as our ability to observe and respond to market trends
and customer needs, said Steve McCracken, president of Lycra and vice president of DuPont.We will
be better able to utilize our global strengths to bring greater advantages locally. Ultimately,
that means being able to deliver enhanced value and create new growth opportunities for us and our
customers.The company expects direct and downstream customers to benefit from improved service,
enhanced technical and marketing support and greater access to global trade connections.As a result
of this realignment, our customers will be able to take fuller advantage of out extensive resources
and be better positioned to meet the fast-growing consumer demand for the kind of enhancement that
Lycra brings to cloths, McCracken said.DuPont also announced that it formally opened its latest
Lycra plant in Singapore. This S$170-million plant uses the most advanced technology for Lycra

December 1999