Alabama Textile Association Elects New Officers Directors

Jim Green, site manager of Solutia Inc., Foley, Ala., was elected president of the Alabama Textile
Manufacturers Association (ATMA) at the groups annual meeting, which was held recently in Point
Clear, Ala.Trey Hodges, president of the Fiber Products Division of Johnston Industries, was
elected vice president, and W.Y. Shugart III of W.Y. ShugartandSons, Fort Payne, Ala., was elected
treasurer.Green has been associated with the textile industry for more than 30 years. He has
previously served ATMA in a variety of positions including vice president, treasurer and head of
the long-range planning committee.Before joining Johnston Industries, Hodges was affiliated with
WestPoint Pepperell, now WestPoint Stevens. He joined Johnston with the purchase of the Industrial
Fabrics Division from WestPoint Stevens. He has served the ATMA as a member of the board of
directors and treasurer. He was also a member of the first ATMI (American Textile Manufacturers
Institute) leadership forum class of 1997, and is also active in the Georgia Textile Manufacturers
Association.Shugart has been involved in the textile industry for 24 years, all of which have been
with his present company, where he has followed his father and grandfather.Directors elected at the
meeting to terms expiring in 2000 are:Bobby Cole, Prewett Associate Mills;Glenn Davis, Shaw
Industries;Mike Fordham, Evergreen Technologies;David Major, Russell Corp.; andHollis Mann, Mount
Vernon Mills.Directors elected to terms expiring in 2001 are:Steve Adair, Johnston Industries
Inc.;John Gordon, Crowntuft;John Hurstort, WestPoint Stevens Inc.;Mark Sheffenof, Tyco Adhesives;
and Dexter Ware, Accordis Cellulosic Fibers Inc.Newly elected directors with terms expiring in 2002
are:Joe Ballow, Wehadkee Yarn Mills;George Harper, Beaulieu of America;Rod Hewitt, Vanity Fair
Intimates;Alan Scarbrough, Kappler Protective Fabrics and Apparel Group; andDon Whitlow, Barbour
Threads Inc.Also serving on the board of directors is immediate past president, J.L. Grant,
WestPoint Stevens, and Jerry Johnson, Alabama Power Co., who is the ATMA associate members

June 1999