Atlas Xenotest Now Also Available “American Style”

LINSENGERICHT-ALTENHASSLAU, Germany — June 15, 2023 — Atlas Material Testing Technology — a company specializing in weathering and lightfastness testing instruments and services — has expanded the performance capabilities of their Xenotest®440 and Xenotest 220/220+ xenon-arc instruments to conform to major American testing standards.

Used by a wide range of industries, air-cooled Xenotest instruments simulate on an accelerated basis the effects of natural sunlight, moisture and heat to predict the service life of products, materials and formulations.

While the Xenotest series has previously focused on European standards, the new enhancements allow these instruments to meet the specific testing requirements for American markets, including ASTM G155 for weathering testing of polymers, AATCC TM16 for lightfastness testing of textiles, and ASTM D7869 for weathering testing of transportation coatings.

Right Light™ Optical Filter – High Spectral Fidelity

Previously available only for Atlas’ flagship Ci Weather-Ometers®, Right Light provides the most precise match to natural sunlight. Introduced to the Xenotest 220+ in 2022, this high-end, high-fidelity filter technology is now available for the more powerful Xenotest 440. With Right Light, Xenotest instruments are capable of meeting the most recent American weathering and lightfastness testing standards, including ASTM G155 for plastics and ASTM D7869 for transportation coatings, as well as International standards, such as ISO 4892-2.

New XENOSENSIV 340/420 BPT-C Sensors

Unlike European weathering testing, which rely on broad-band 300-400 nm light monitors and insulated black panel temperature sensors (BST), American standards specify 340/420 nm narrow-band light monitors and uninsulated black panel temperature sensors (BPT). Designed for the American market, the new Xenotest control sensors – available as options for both the Xenotest 220+ and 440 – provide one narrow-band 340 nm and one narrow-band 420 nm XENOSENSIV light monitor. Both come with a connected, American style BPT sensor.

Xenotest: Setting a New Standard

The introduction of the Xenotest performance extensions — Right Light technology and XENOSENSIV 340/420 BPT-C sensors — propel Atlas’ compact rotating rack instruments into the premier league of xenon weathering instruments. Now, in addition to European and International (ISO) standards, Xenotest now can meet demanding American (ATSM) weathering standards. These include ASTM D7869 (Xenotest 440), ASTM G155 (Xenotest 220+/440), and AATCC TM16 (Xenotest 220/220+/440), as well as all similar or related ASTM or American-style weathering test methods.

Posted June 20, 2023

Source: Atlas