Atlas Copco Compressors Launches New TCA Water Chiller Range With Four New Versions

ROCK HILL, S.C. — December 6, 2022 — Atlas Copco announces the launch of its new TCA water chiller range featuring four new versions. With its patented adiabatic pre-cooling system and a free-cooling section, the four-model TCA55-215 plug and play industrial water chiller range offers cooling capacities from 55 to 228 kW and a host of unique features designed for optimum energy efficiency and complete operational safety, as well as for easy and cost-effective installation and maintenance. Reliable and robust, the chillers feature proven scroll compressors in a twin circuit configuration, air-cooled microchannel condensers, and an integrated hydraulic module.

Energy efficient by design

The TCA55 to 215A process chiller range comes in four configurations, comprising TCA-A, TCA-AF, TCA-AD and TCA-AP variants. The A models provide industrial robust construction and operational reliability while both the AF and AP versions feature the option of free cooling (using colder ambient air to perform cooling). With the advanced adiabatic pre-cooling capability of both the AD and AP chiller units, it is possible to achieve the highest level of energy efficiency for process operations. That can mean a reduction of electricity consumption by up to 40 percent compared to non-free-cooling units, and cooling capacity boosted by up to 17 percent.

In addition, all four TCA variants include the option of a built-in hydraulic circuit with integrated buffer tank and single or double pumps, for primary/back up, which operate across cooling systems requiring resistance of 42 or 72 psi working pressures. The inclusion of a shell and tube evaporator makes it possible to effectively use these chillers reliably for a wide range of industrial process applications.

Thanks to the rugged and reliable construction with IP54 protected components, TCA55-215 series chillers can be installed primarily in outdoor locations. This optimizes cooling water distribution and provides the opportunity to benefit from cold winter air temperatures to gain efficiency for the chiller variants with AF/AD/AP configurations.

Unprecedented control and connectivity

Drawing on years of experience and knowledge of air compressor controllers, the TCA55-215 range is equipped with an Elektronikon® Mk5 Touch controller and a regulation system designed to maximize the chiller’s performance under a variety of climatic conditions. The Elektronikon Touch controller also provides an opportunity to regulate inlet or outlet hydraulic circuit water temperature within a predefined band with a state-of-the-art level of precision.

Another feature which the TCA chillers have adopted from air compressor design is the Atlas Copco SMARTLINK cloud-based monitoring system, which brings unique, Industry 4.0 enabled features to the industrial cooling market. SMARTLINK enables online monitoring of the chiller unit’s main working parameters, gives early warnings of any problems or upcoming maintenance needs, and makes recommendations for optimization and energy efficiency.

Posted: December 7, 2022

Source: Atlas Copco Compressors LLC