The Textile Drying Profit Center Of The KARL MAYER Group Ended The Year 2021 With A Milestone — Annual Production Of 1,000 Drying Cylinders

OBERTSHAUSEN, Germany— January 13, 2022 — In 2016, KAR MAYER ROTAL entered into the construction of the steam-heated drying cylinders for its denim and sizing lines as well as the third party business. Shortly thereafter, annual production skyrocketed. In 2018, almost 800 drying cylinders came from Mezzolombardo, and on December 16, 2021, the 1,000 mark was cracked. “1,000 cylinders per year has been a magical goal and constant drive for us since 2018 at the latest, even in times of strict lockdowns,” said Karl-Heinz Vaassen. The head of the Textile Drying Profit Center at KARL MAYER ROTAL and his team have continuously developed their know-how and invested in targeted automation upgrades in order to achieve the output leap. These measures have eliminated bottlenecks in the production chain and accelerated time-consuming production steps.

The company’s drying cylinders become bestsellers thanks to uncompromisingly high quality and safety coupled with an unbeatable price-performance ratio. Thanks to a special calibration process, they exhibit absolutely round shapes and uniform wall thicknesses, thus, ensuring extremely homogeneous heat transfer. An anti-adhesive coating developed in-house also makes universal use possible for a wide variety of applications. The coating is durable and meets all the requirements of the EU chemicals regulation REACH. On the basis of these performance-optimized drying cylinders, the energy efficiency of the overall cylinder dryer system can be purposefully optimized for specific applications. “Sustainability is not a marketing phrase for us, but a commitment we take seriously,” says the resourceful mechanical engineer. “Contact us, we are here for you!”

Posted: January 13, 2022

Source: KARL MAYER Gruppe