Stäubli Supports Home-Textile Weavers With Quality Machinery Solutions

PFÄFFIKON, Switzerland — January 30, 2020 — Home textiles range from simple linens to premium Jacquard fabrics. Whatever the type, they must be produced in the most economical way possible. Weaving mills need reliable production equipment that supports an efficient weaving process in order to constantly deliver their products on schedule and within restricted budgets.

Stäubli automatic drawing-in machines set technology standards worldwide

Many decades of technical expertise and ongoing dialog with customers form the basis of Stäubli’s SAFIR range of drawing-in machines, which deliver a maximum of customer benefits. These machines feature Active Warp Control (AWC), an advanced automation function that is unique worldwide. Integrating state-of-the-art technology with optical recognition, AWC provides 100-percent controlled management of the warp threads for perfectly drawn-in weaving harnesses. Stäubli provides double-end detection as a standard feature and offers options for color and/or S/Z-detection and management. The broad range of options allows equipping machines even further to optimize the drawing-in process for specific yarn types, such as those used to manufacture home textiles like wallpaper made of woven glass, tablecloths, bed linens, or curtains made of fantasy yarns or bouclé. Every SAFIR machine can produce a wide variety of fabric constructions with no need for specially trained personnel for drawing-in. The great flexibility ensures suitability for each specific case and consistently high-performance operation. Preparing warps with SAFIR makes for the highest quality of drawing-in and ensures continuity in the downstream weaving process.

LXXL Jacquard machine – large-format solution for unique designs

The LXXL electronic Jacquard machine is the latest model in the renowned LX/LXL/LXXL series. It offers formats with up to 25,600 hooks, and can even reach 51,200 hooks with two Jacquards in tandem. Like all Stäubli products, the LXXL has been engineered to the highest quality standards. It features a smart design with strong, reliable, and well balanced kine­matics, efficient hook selection systems, and Stäubli’s newly developed NOEMI electronics for optimum accuracy and stability of data transmission, even at the highest running speeds. NOEMI also boosts the efficiency of the airflow cooling; the thermostat-controlled fans ensure stable operating temperatures under any production conditions. The improved and regulated airflow allowed Stäubli’s engineers to decrease the space between modules, which makes the LXXL compact. The machine easily fits into the weaving room, and the compact power supply is integrated within the frame. The LXXL can easily be adapted to any weaving machine by means of a drive-shaft transmission or an Independent Stäubli Drive (ISD) servo. The LXXL is already in successful use in mills around the world, applying woven patterns to luxury and high-quality fabrics with great numbers of yarns, including dense fabrics – even under high load and at high speed.

Posted January 30, 2020

Source: Stäubli International AG