Maximilian Kürig Strengthens The Management Of The KARL MAYER Start-Up Company Digital Factory

OBERTSHAUSEN, Germany — September 12, 2018 — KARL MAYER relies on digitalization, for this purpose the company pursues a broadly structured strategy, and focuses, among other things, on the development of new digital solutions. The necessary competence comes from an efficient network. In March 2018 Karl Mayer joined ADAMOS, an alliance of industrial and software companies. Moreover, in November 2017 this market leader and sector’s pioneer set up its own software start-up company for the development of advanced digital competences. The new member of the Karl Mayer Group, the Karl Mayer Digital Factory, develops groundbreaking digital business models, products and services, representing the future success. „The management relies on the Karl Mayer Digital Factory. This new enterprise is the most important basis for our ability to quickly provide the best digital solutions with maximum benefit to our customers“, says Arno Gärtner, CEO of the Karl Mayer Group.

In July 2018 the Karl Mayer Digital Factory received an additional Managing Director. In the future, Antonia Gottschalk, Head of Digitalization at Karl Mayer, will be supported at top executive level by Maximilian Kürig. The graduate mechanical engineer is committed to Karl Mayer’s pioneering spirit: “I would like to establish a profitable subsidiary that sets the pace of innovations for software and digital solutions in machine and plant engineering, at the same time giving our customers the certainty to be able to make best use of the chances offered by digitalization.”

The Karl Mayer Digital Factory is the company’s fourth Business Unit, in addition to Warp Knitting, Warp Preparation and Technical Textiles, and its aim is to ensure the success of the Karl Mayer Group.

To achieve his goals, Kürig relies on his staff members. He sees himself as pioneer and wants to be an example for his employees, leaving them enough room for creativity, progress und foresight. Besides, the new managing director has gained extensive professional experience in the sector. Over several years he has successfully been managing a lot of software projects in different industrial branches, and he has made a name for himself in the fields of software and innovations. This expert knows how it is possible to successfully establish a digitalization and software business. “I have accompanied the preparation and implementation of numerous software and digitalization solutions, and in the course of this I have developed an in-depth technical, sector-specific and entrepreneurial understanding. However, I have also come to know the pitfalls of the topic.” In other words: Kürig took over a new position, but he does not break new ground. With his know-how and commitment, he offers important requirements for achieving the success of the Karl Mayer Digital Factory.

Posted September 12, 2018

Source: Karl Mayer Digital Factory GmbH