1000th Autocoro With Single-Drive Technology Goes To Emateks

ÜBACH-PALENBERG, Germany — December 2, 2015 — Only four years after market launch of the Autocoro 8, Schlafhorst has just sold the one thousandth rotor spinning machine with revolutionary single-drive technology at the ITMA 2015 in Milan. The jubilee machine, a brand new Autocoro 9, will provide high-performance productivity beyond the limits of conventional rotor spinning machines, in the rotor spinning mill of the Turkish textile company Emateks.

Emateks belongs to the Emre Tekstil Textile Group and was founded in 1991 as an importer for chemicals for the textile industry. In 2001 a dye works was added and in 2005 a knitting mill followed. Emateks is now completing its vertical integration with the construction of a new rotor spinning mill. It plans to produce around 20,000 tonnes of yarn per year in the count range from Ne 10 to Ne 40. The company from Çerkezköy in the European part of Turkey today currently employs around 270 staff.

Emateks has continuously expanded its value-added chain over the past few years. Since the company comes from the processing sector, it considers yarn production naturally from the perspective of a classic yarn customer. Thus the expectations on quality, flexibility and economic efficiency of a rotor spinning mill are accordingly demanding.

“We of course only want to use state-of-the-art rotor spinning technology in our own yarn production”, says Gürdal Adal, owner of Emateks. “The Autocoro 9 has impressed us in particular with its high flexibility and economic efficiency, as well as through the huge energy savings of more than 20 %.”

With the Autocoro 9, Schlafhorst has just launched the second machine generation with single-drive technology on the market. The German textile machinery manufacturer was able to present fascinating improvements at the ITMA in Milan. The E³-certified Autocoro 9 sets new standards for productivity, economic efficiency, operator friendliness, quality and, in particular, for a unique energy-saving yarn production, with greater intelligence in each individual spinning position. The new Autocoro 9 proves that single spinning position drive is currently the only sustainable rotor spinning technology. The unrivalled energy efficiency of the Autocoro 9, proven by the integrated energy monitoring, has meanwhile been recognised by a third party.

Posted December 9, 2015

Source: Schlafhorst