San Yang Textile Orders 170,000 EliTe® Compact Spindles

China-based San Yang Textile Co. Ltd. has placed an order with Germany-based Spindelfabrik Suessen GmbH for 170,000 EliTe® Compact spindles. The cotton spinning and weaving company currently operates 500,000 ring spindles and 340 air-jet looms to produce of 30,000 tons of cotton greige yarns and 40 million meters of cotton woven greige fabric each year.

“To cope with our market expansion and rapidly increasing demand for our products, we have already invested more than 1 billion RMB in new machinery installations and raw material procurement in the past fiscal year, and we have a further projected 2 billion RMB in the next few years,” said Jianmin Xu, general manager, San Yang Textile. “Part of this investment program is also the conversion of our existing ring spinning machines into compact spinning. Here, we investigated over several months various technologies from various suppliers in our own premises. We came to the conclusion that Suessen offers the best technology with the maximum benefit for us.”

May/June 2015