Stork To Distribute Klüber Lubrication’s Products

Stork Prints America Inc., Charlotte, is now a distributor of Londonderry, N.H.-based Klüber
Lubrication North America L.P.’s lubricants for the textile printing and coating and graphics
printing industries.

“Stork Prints is providing high-quality printing systems, printing screens and forms, spare
parts and services, and maintenance for both the textile printing and the graphics printing
industries,” said Edward Scheppink, managing director, Stork Prints America. “We feel that the
supply of high-quality lubricants and greases for capital goods will be of complementary value for
our customers, [who] have to deal with more efficiency and at the same time with environmental
requirements. The Kluber lubricants and greases have shown to reduce wear and need fewer changes,
and will contribute to higher machine utilization with less impact on the environment.”

May/June 2012