Timzo Tufting Selects NedGraphics’ ITex Application

NedSense NedGraphics BV — a developer of software solutions for the fashion and textile industry,
and a subsidiary of the Netherlands-based NedSense enterprises NV — reports it has supplied its
iTex virtual sampling application to the Netherlands-based Timzo Tufting Industry BV, a
manufacturer of loop pile tufted wall-to-wall carpet.

NedGraphics’ iTex application employs unique virtual sampling technology that replaces real
fabric samples with virtual samples in a comprehensive database. The company reports the tool is
especially useful for salespersons in the carpet and weaving industries, as it enables them to
present to their clients an instant virtual sample of a product and/or collection on an iPad and
offers a low-cost, lightweight method of carrying a full up-to-date portfolio.

iTex technology allows on-site colorway adjustments for any type of design or fabric
including prints, knits, wovens, and wall and floor coverings. Salespersons can categorize virtual
samples and create concise reports comprising pictures and product information to help their
clients make decisions. iTex also enables creation of custom samples, and NedGraphics offers a
guarantee that the product will correspond exactly to the virtual sample.

“With iTex we can offer our clients an experience which is instant, to their choice and real
to the eye,” said Jan Bakker, head of product development, Timzo Tufting. “Moreover this solution
increases our internal efficiency by saving us costs and time as this simulation element speeds up
our sales process in true dialogue with our customers.”

March 20, 2012