Suessen Celebrates 90th Anniversary

Spindelfabrik Suessen GmbH, Germany, marks its 90th year in business this year. Founded in December
1920 as Wuerttembergische Spindelfabrik Suessen GmbH by Johannes Schurr, Hans Grill and their six
employees, the small engineering workshop manufactured spindles and components for the
modernization of spindle drives in ring-spinning frames.

At ITMA ’75 in Milan, Suessen debuted CleanCat and SpinCat robots — the first automated rotor
spinning machine components — for the cleaning and piecing-up of rotor spinning machines; and in
1978, the company introduced the Autocoro with Suessen SE 7 SpinBox, the first fully automatic
open-end spinning machine. At ITMA ’99 in Paris, Suessen launched its EliTe®Compact spinning system
for short- and long-staple fibers, and has since installed more than 3.5 million EliTeCompact
spindles globally. In 2001, Switzerland-based Rieter Group acquired Suessen’s textile machinery

May/June 2010