Erema Marks 25 Years For Plastics Recycling

Austria-based Erema Engineering Recycling Maschinen und Anlagen GmbH is celebrating its 25th
anniversary in the business of developing, manufacturing and distributing innovative and
cost-effective recycling systems to turn thermoplastic waste into virgin-quality secondary raw

Erema has sold more than 3,000 recycling plants since its founding in 1983. The privately
owned company now employs approximately 340 people worldwide, with an annual turnover of more than
100 million euros (US$153.6 million).

“Innovations for the benefit of our customers have been and always will be our guiding
principle,” said Erema CEO and Managing Partner Gerhard Wendelin. “We have set ourselves the target
of continuing to shape the field of thermoplastic recycling with our wealth of experience for the
next 25 years as well, with a proactive approach, high quality and leading the way in the process.”

July/August 2008