GrayWolf Obtains Solomat, Air Neotronics Lines

GrayWolf Sensing Solutions, Trumbull,
Conn., has acquired the Solomat product lines from the Lumidor Division of Zellweger Analytics,
Lincolnshire, Ill. The acquisition includes Zellweger’s complete inventory of spare parts, some of
which have been discontinued.

GrayWolf will continue to service and repair the product lines as long as spare parts are
available, and also will offer technical support and calibration services. GrayWolf also will
manufacture and sell replacement Solomat and Air Neotronics instruments and probes, including
Solomat Zephyr II differential pressure and airflow monitors, Surveyor II and Surveyor Pro indoor
air-quality monitors; and Air Neotronics PDM personal digital manometers.

December 2004