Quality Fabric Of The Month: Circuitex®: Conductive Shielding

A close up of Circuitex® fabric

Noble Biomaterials’ Circuitex® can shield against high-frequency energy waves from directed-energy weapons.

By Rachael S. Davis, Executive Editor

Circuitex® was designed by Scranton, Pa.-based Noble Biomaterials Inc. for multi-spectral energy management. While the technology is not new, the company recently announced that Circuitex fabric and foam technologies are capable of reflecting high-frequency energy waves similar to those presumed responsible for the Havana Syndrome attacks produced by directed-energy weapons (DEW).

Circuitex advanced materials can move electrical energy and data through soft surface materials without the assistance of wires, making them suitable as either a conductive energy material or a conductive shielding material. The highly conductive materials are also flexible and super lightweight. According to Noble, the shielding effects of Circuitex perform across a broad range of the electromagnetic spectrum from 30 megaHertz up to 30 gigaHertz.

The genesis of Noble Biomaterials was in using silver to metalize fibers for antimicrobial consumer apparel applications. The company spent two years developing its proprietary technology, which bonds pure silver to the surface of a polymer. The innovation allowed Noble to capitalize on the antimicrobial effects of silver for apparel applications. From those beginnings, the company’s technologies have expanded into a variety of medical and antimicrobial products supplied to the U.S. Military and healthcare industry, while its consumer anti-odor business continues to thrive.

Circuitex® fibers

“We have always been in the intelligent fabrics business,” said Allon Cohne, chief marketing officer, Noble Biomaterials. “From preventing infections to eliminating odor to improving telecommunications, our technology adapts to provide a myriad of benefits. The more we learned about the technology, the more obvious it became that it would be a perfect platform to manage electromagnetic energy waves in order to solve some of the most challenging military and aerospace issues.”

Circuitex is typically used in applications requiring more than antimicrobial properties. Copper and other antioxidant minerals can be bonded to the polymer as well as silver depending on the required characteristics. “The core technology used for the Circuitex products is similar to the antimicrobial offerings, but we use a variety of polymer substrates, mineral-based active ingredients, and bonding techniques to optimize for very specific, and different, performance requirements” Cohne said.

Circuitex is available in fiber, fabric or foam options. “Most commonly, customers will incorporate our continuous filament fiber into fabrics, or simply purchase fully metalized fabrics from us, depending on their requirements” Cohne noted. “Foam could be used as a backing or layer in a laminate.”

In response to the growing threat of Havana Syndrome, Noble developed passive and active mitigation systems with the ability to counter DEW attacks in fixed and mobile locations.

“Circuitex is proven effective in mission-critical military and aerospace applications,” said Joel Furey, founder and chief commercial officer, Noble Biomaterials. “Noble Biomaterials has spent years developing multi-spectral energy management systems for security and protection. Whether the objective is to transfer or shield energy, our portfolio of products is uniquely suited to deal with the challenges of directed energy.”

For more information about Circuitex® visit noblebiomaterials.com

March/April 2022