Per Olofsson Takes The Helm Of US-based Textile Machinery And Manufacturing Equipment Supplier SYMTECH

SPARTANBURG, S.C. — July 5, 2024 — On January 5, 2024, Per Olofsson purchased US-based Textile Machinery Representative SYMTECH, Inc. Olofsson is the third owner of Symtech and is focused on providing the best possible customer service through great partnerships of primarily European manufacturers for its US and Canada based customers.

Symtech was founded by Hans Balmer in 1986 in Spartanburg, S.C. as a distributorship for textile machinery.  From the beginning, Symtech has offered machine manufacturers an economic solution to bring their products and technologies to the North American Textile Industry.

Symtech is a full-service provider with knowledgeable and competent product managers, complete after sales service, including spare parts, repairs, and well-trained field technicians.

In 2007, after founder Hans Balmer passed away, Erwin Holbein became President and later acquired Symtech. During Holbein’s tenure, Symtech continued to renew and extend its’ product line, adding high-quality suppliers to serve the ever-changing North American marketplace.

Per Olofsson

Per Olofsson – CEO, SYMTECH, Inc.

Olofsson is a Swedish citizen with a master’s degree in Supply Chain & Operations Management and an MBA in Management. Olofsson started his career in contract manufacturing of plastic and metal components and their assemblies for handheld devices (mobile phones) which brought him from his native country to Hungary, China, and India for greenfield and brownfield plant establishments.

Since 2013, Olofsson has been active in the textile machinery industry, first as Managing Director and Head of Operations for Rieter India, which serves as one the main manufacturing locations for the Rieter group. Later, Olofsson became the Head of Global Operations of Rieter, based out of Switzerland.

From 2021 till January of 2024, Olofsson served as the CEO of Schaerer Schweiter Mettler (SSM). In February of 2024, Olofsson started in his current role as CEO of SYMTECH, Inc., Spartanburg S.C.

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Posted: July 5, 2024

Source: SYMTECH, Inc.