Jones Family Of Companies Announces Growth And New Developments

HUMBOLDT, Tenn. — March 1, 2024 — The Jones Family of Companies is pleased to announce several exciting new developments in the nearly 90-year history of the company.

Third Generation Becomes Majority Stakeholder

Ralph Jones

Ralph Jones, III, CEO and chairman of the board — and the third generation of family leadership of the company — has reinvested in the company by becoming its majority shareholder.

“Jones has been in my family for nearly nine decades,” he said. “It is important not just to me but to the employees and customers of this company to show my dedication to helping our Jones Family of Companies to remain industry leaders for the next generations.”

Expansions and Acquisitions

Besides Jones’ and additional fourth-generation investments, the company made several significant expansions to its production capacity by expanding to another production location in Charlotte, N.C., and acquiring Cades Consulting, which provides mechanical and engineering consulting and maintenance services across the country for the textile industry.

“Bringing Cades on board will dramatically increase our services to the nonwovens industry,” said Ralph Jones. “We now have the ability to not only grow our own business but also provide support services to other nonwovens manufacturers across the U.S.”

Personnel Promotions

Late 2023 also brought several personnel changes. Chris Winston, former lead trainer at the Humboldt plant with 25 years of employment at Jones, was promoted to production manager at the company’s new production plant in Charlotte. Additionally, longtime employee Scott Peters was promoted to plant manager of Jones’ Rontex America plant in Amherst, N.H. Rontex is a Tier 2 and Tier 3 supplier providing sustainable, carded and needled nonwovens for a wide range of automotive applications.

“Chris and Scott represent the best of Jones,” said Scott Butler, president of Jones. “Employees like them are a rare gift: hardworking, enthusiastic about our products, and people of integrity. I look forward to their future successes in their new roles.”

Automotive Supplier

In addition, Jones is now a Tier 2 automotive supplier providing nonwovens to automotive OEMs across the country. Nonwoven textiles feature prominently in automotive manufacturing as carpeting, speaker cloth, and heat and sound insulation.

“We are excited by what is to come for Jones,” said Ralph Jones. “Our best days are ahead of us, rather than behind, and there are more good things yet to come.”

Posted: March 5, 2024

Source: Jones Family of Companies