Kneedler Fauchère Group Announces Two New Shareholders

LOS ANGELES, CA— April 11, 2022 — The Kneedler Fauchère Group is pleased to announce the appointment of two new shareholders, Gina DeWitt and Quinn Tran. Together, they join George Massar (Chairman, Creative Director) and Doug Kinzley (CEO, President) to make up Kneedler Fauchère’s expanded executive management team.

Kneedler Fauchère was founded in 1948 by Dorothy Kneedler and Lucienne Fauchère – a female-owned startup, which was novel for its time. Kneedler Fauchère became the benchmark for the modern-day showroom, the first to feature multi-line lighting, furniture, textiles, wall coverings, and much more. Today, the company also encompasses Gregorius Pineo Furniture & Lighting and Gregorius Pineo Wallcovering with 13 showrooms across the country to serve its luxury designer clientele.

Gina DeWitt, now the COO of Showrooms and Strategic Partnerships, will oversee the operations of all three Kneedler Fauchère showrooms and develop new partner representation for showrooms, product companies, and collaborations alike. In her new role, DeWitt will also build on her successful track record of discovering and recruiting notable lines, including Zak & Fox, Lauren Hwang and Overgaard & Dyrman, into the showroom’s existing portfolio.

“Gina’s sterling reputation and superb network make her the ideal candidate in helping us find, nurture, and bring to market new talent and partners. We are excited to welcome her into this new role at the company,” said Massar.

Following 24 years as part of the Kneedler Fauchère team, Quinn Tran, now CFO, will lead the team in an expanded role of legal and financial duties for the company – undertaking financial performance, budgets, benefits and banking relationships among others.

“Quinn started his career with us, so his knowledge of the company is unparalleled. He has a clear head for finance and accounting, as well as strong relationships with key partners, making him an ideal fit to take on these new responsibilities,” said Kinzley.

Together, Massar and Kinzley have been the sole owners of the brand for the past 14 years. Now, as the brand enters into its 75th year in business, they are thrilled about the expansion of the company’s executive team and assert it will ultimately lead to further support in continuing on Kneedler Fauchére Group’s mission and core values.

“While Gina and Quinn are our first additional shareholders, they certainly won’t be the last,” said Massar and Kinzley. “They are ushering in a new era for Kneedler Fauchère, and we look forward to having them both by our side as we look to the future.”

Posted: April 25, 2022

Source: The Kneedler Fauchère Group