Fil Doux Textiles Welcomes Industry Veteran Robin Love


BROOKLYN, N.Y. — July 21, 2021 — Fil Doux Textiles, a Brooklyn-based textile company producing mill-direct, luxurious upholstery, tannery-direct leather, and Otratex — the first-ever degradable vinyl alternative — is proud to announce that Robin Love has joined the team as the senior vice president of sales. In her new role, Love will harness the company’s continued momentum to further propel Fil Doux Textiles’ position as a trailblazer in the sustainable manufacturing and textiles segment for hospitality, cruise, and contract. Enmeshed in an exciting chapter for the brand, Love will play a critical role in fostering innovation as she oversees sales, product development, and project management.

“This is a super exciting stage for the company, as we unveil new launches and initiatives,” said Leo Novik, CEO and founder of Fil Doux Textiles. “Having Robin at the helm, who has a proven track record in successfully directing strategy and sales for multinational companies, makes her the perfect fit.”

Touting an impressive resume, including her prior role as the first female Vice President of Century Furniture, Love’s long standing pulse on the industry is unmatched. Spanning 30 years as an industry leader and disruptor, Love’s experience also includes time at Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, and JANUS et Cie. Through her leadership, Love has broken barriers, forging a pathway for women in a typically male-dominated field and creating opportunity for all. In line with the mission of Fil Doux Textiles, Love continues to push the envelope on what is expected, aligning with the company’s core philosophy to always innovate.

“I was drawn to Fil Doux Textiles because of its reputation as an innovative company that isn’t afraid to step outside of the box,” Love said. “Fil Doux Textiles’ emphasis on sustainability is also close to my heart, and I’m happy to be with a company that values taking care of our planet. Working alongside Leo and the team has already proven to be a creative and rewarding process and I am excited to see the future that we will build together.”

Love will continue to push ahead Fil Doux Textiles’ initiatives of sustainability through her product and project management to ensure only the highest standards are upheld. Building on the success of the company’s position as a MindClick Leader, Love and the team are continuing to make strides to better the textile production for the industry. By setting high environmental standards, Fil Doux Textiles serves as a leader in responsible green fabric production.

Posted July 22, 2021

Source: Fil Doux Textiles