Janet L. Labuda Joins FormerFedsGroup As A Consultant, International Trade Compliance

MOORESTOWN, N.J. — September 8, 2016 — The FormerFedsGroup today announced the appointment of Janet L. Labuda as a Consultant, International Trade Compliance. In this role she will be working directly with clients on compliance issues involving international trade and customs compliance. She will also oversee FormerFedsGroup trade compliance training programs.  In addition to this work, she will set the protocols that apply to the trade components of the PerfectShield™ certification process and oversee their implementation.

Labuda comes to the FormerFedsGroup with over 30 years of federal enforcement experience with the US Customs and Border Protection agency. During that time she served in positions at all levels of the organization, including customs inspections and contraband interdiction. Immediately prior to her retirement, she was the Director, Textile/Apparel Policy and Programs Division at the Headquarters Office of International Trade in Washington, D.C. As the Director, she led the development and implementation of national policy decisions regarding the importation of textile products into the United States.  She was responsible for ensuring the enforcement of laws affecting a $100 billion textile import industry comprising close to 70,000 importers and more than a million annual import transactions. She also participated directly and substantially in Free Trade Agreement negotiations and overseeing implementation of the CPB’s anti-dumping responsibilities.  Since ending her US Government service, she has been a highly sought after international trade consultant with significant projects in Asia and a particular focus on the textile and apparel industries.

“The FormerFedsGroup is extremely proud to be welcoming Janet into our organization, as she brings very high level skills and experience in trade compliance that we need to expand our portfolio of offerings and enhance the quality of service we provide to our clients,” said Bradford Geyer, General Counsel, FormerFedsGroup.com. “With her extensive trade and customs experience, both in and out of government, she will be able to provide international and domestic clients with insights on best practice trade compliance that will improve business results as well as mitigate risks. This is an area where we have seen an increasing demand for service from a range of geographies and industries. Our goal is to be the market leader for companies that require ironclad turn-key solutions that proactively identify and neutralize emerging risks. We very much look forward to having Janet as a part of the team to grow out our footprint in this dynamic space.”

As a Consultant, International Trade Compliance, Labuda will oversee the development of the PerfectShield™ trade compliance program and ensure that all FormerFedsGroup agents understand this important aspect of the business. She will also be responsible for ensuring that the PerfectShield™ certification process represents industry best practices in the areas of customs and trade compliance. In addition to her managerial responsibilities, she will also have an important role in providing high-level consulting services to major FormerFedsGroup clients engaged in international trade.

She has traveled extensively and has skills in international negotiation. She represented Customs in negotiations of the Morocco, Singapore, Australia Free Trade Agreements and up to her retirement worked on Trans Pacific Partnership negotiations. She has also advised various governments as well as the U.S. importing community on the establishment of trade compliance standards. She has her Master’s degree from New York University, a Bachelor of Arts degree from St. Joseph’s College in Brooklyn, New York and is a John F. Kennedy School of Government Senior Executive Fellow.

Posted September 8, 2016

Source: FormerFeds LLC