Carbon Rivers And Advanced American Technologies (AAT) Deliver Demonstration On ATT Ballistic School Door At Knoxville Facility

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — July 17, 2023 — Carbon Rivers — a company that develops and commercializes technologies such as second-generation polymer composites, graphene-based materials, advanced composites, and multi-functional composite coatings — demonstrated a ballistic school door technology at their facility in Knoxville, Tenn., last week.

Partnering with Advanced American technologies (AAT), a full-spectrum composite research, development, and manufacturing company with facilities in Knoxville and Huntsville, Ala., Carbon Rivers introduced its innovative AAT ballistic school doors designed to fortify and safeguard educational facilities. These doors, made with Carbon Rivers’ proprietary graphene material, provide exceptional strength and versatility for defense applications.

During an impressive demonstration, Carbon Rivers presented the protective capabilities of their product. As live rounds were fired, attendees had a firsthand opportunity to witness the doors’ remarkable ability to effectively halt bullets, ensuring the safety of individuals on the other side. The project’s primary objective is to safeguard all individuals within educational institutions from the threat of gunfire. Moreover, the lightweight design of their doors facilitates effortless installation and operation, empowering educational institutions to rapidly fortify security measures while maintaining accessibility for all.

The event drew prominent representatives from organizations such as the Knox County Sheriff’s Office, Knoxville Firefighters, Oak Ridge School Systems, Tennessee Highway Patrol, Tennessee State Senate, and Homeland Security. Their collective commitment demonstrated a shared dedication to enhancing the safety of educational institutions in Tennessee.

David Morgan, chief strategy officer at Carbon Rivers, stated: “Carbon rivers and our partner AAT are excited to work within the state of Tennessee for a genuine solution for hardening schools with protective and ballistic materials. For the demo this morning we had an excellent group of attendees attend including the sheriff’s office, police officers, architects, the fire department, politicians, and other agencies. This is a fantastic opportunity to make schools more protective with a single focus on saving lives.”

Carbon Rivers proudly commercializes disruptive technologies and is excited to bring this remarkable addition to operation in the state of Tennessee.

Posted: July 17, 2023

Source: Carbon Rivers