VEOCEL™ Delivers Its Promise Of Being A Responsible Natural Care Brand

LENZING, Austria — April 14, 2022 — The VEOCEL™ brand has been striving for sustainability in the face of the worsening impact of climate change on the planet and on people’s lives. This year, the VEOCEL brand will continue its efforts on delivering its promise of being a responsible natural care brand. In addition, the brand will also focus on the core commitments around care for the oceans, climate change, decarbonization and the future generations.

Paving the way for a net-zero nonwovens industry, the VEOCEL brand cares for the forests and develops innovative solutions that offer environmentally responsible raw materials to partners. For several years, the nonwovens industry had responded to its part on caring for the environment. VEOCEL’s partners have made move towards adopting the carbon neutral VEOCEL branded lyocell fibers to reduce their emission impact. The VEOCEL brand also works closely with industry organizations to ensure that the brand’s materials fulfil internationally recognized environmental production standards.

Looking ahead, the VEOCEL brand will keep innovating and raising standards to bring better and more sustainable solutions for everyday care products to build a better future.

Here is an overview of the latest VEOCEL brand stories:

  • Monique Buch appointed as Lenzing’s Vice President of Global Nonwovens Business and shares her role and vision for the industry

Lenzing has announced Monique Buch as the new Vice President Global Nonwovens Business. In a Q&A session, Monique shared her plans to reinforce VEOCEL’s promise to be “a responsible natural care brand” as it continues to explore the best ways to take care of its customers, partners and the environment.

  • Jürgen Eizinger elected to be part of the board members for INDA

Jürgen Eizinger, Senior Commercial Director, Nonwovens Business EU/AM/MEA, has been chosen to be part of the board members for INDA to bring the vision of the VEOCEL brand to the board and support the association in driving sustainability and circularity for the nonwovens industry.

  • VEOCEL brand partners with Suominen to champion carbon neutral nonwovens fabrics

Suominen, the global leading nonwovens supplier and manufacturer for wipes, is the first partner to adopt the industry’s first carbon neutral VEOCEL Lyocell fibers with a net-zero carbon footprint to reduce climate impact.

  • MTT wipes made of VEOCEL™ branded fibers are now IWSFG certified

Moist toilet tissue (MTT) wipes made from VEOCEL Lyocell fibers with Eco Disperse technology have passed the stringent guidelines of the International Water Services Flushability Group (IWSFG) and are deemed flushable, thus contributing to a healthier sewage system and helping to reduce water pollution.

  • VEOCEL awarded Outstanding Contribution Award for Sustainability at Sustainable Development in China Forum 2021

The VEOCEL brand was awarded the “2021 Outstanding Contribution Award for Sustainability” at the Sustainable Development in China Forum in recognition of its contribution to sustainability and efforts in achieving carbon neutrality in the nonwovens industry.

Posted: April 19, 2022

Source: VEOCEL™