Indorama Ventures’ Hygiene Fibers Group Features Strengthened Sustainability Portfolio At The IDEA Show, Miami

BANGKOK, Thailand — March 29, 2022 — Indorama Ventures Public Co. Ltd. (IVL), a global chemical company, said today its Hygiene Fibers Group features a further strengthened sustainability portfolio at the IDEA Show in Miami from March 29 to April 1 with the launch of the Deja Carbon Neutral polypropylene fiber range and significant advancements in their Biotransformative Polypropylene Fibers and Nonwovens Technology.

As a global leader in PET recycling, IVL is committed to the delivery of a circular economy and recognizes that alternative sustainable solutions, such as carbon neutral fiber and biotransformation technology, provide valuable circular solutions when recycling may not be possible. Deja Carbon Neutral polypropylene fibers have been developed in response to customer demand for solutions to meet sustainability targets and objectives. Having undertaken a fully accredited Life Cycle Assessment on their processes and materials, IVL Hygiene Group subsidiary FiberVisions in Covington, U.S. now offer this select polypropylene staple fiber range, which balance greenhouse gas emissions with verified carbon offset projects in partnership with Strive, a leading provider of global climate solutions. The IVL Hygiene team look forward to engaging in discussions with customers at the IDEA Show on how Deja Carbon Neutral PP Fibers can enhance sustainable product offerings.

Advancements in dual solution Biotransformation (PP), designed to be recyclable and time-set biodegradable, will feature strongly at the IDEA Show. A shelf stable polypropylene and stored, treated fibers and nonwovens can be recycled as normal. If diverted into the environment, it is scientifically designed to break down in natural conditions and to biotransform, leaving behind no toxins or microplastics. The IVL team will showcase the groundbreaking technology at the show, with a video demonstration of the process and sample PP fiber and nonwovens materials.

All the six brands that make up the Hygiene Fibers Group — Auriga, Avgol, FiberVisions, Indorama Asia, Trevira and Wellman International — will be represented at the IVL booth. The IVL Hygiene Group offers a comprehensive range of sustainable polymers, technologies and material, a global and regional footprint, and security of supply. The range includes recycled materials, multipolymer biodegradable solutions for both durable and non-durable products, ISCC Plus Certified Fibers and Nonwovens, and Deja Carbon Neutral polypropylene fibers,

Significant advancements in recycled materials can be discussed with the Wellman International team, recycling pioneers for more than 50 years, at the IDEA Show. Recently commissioned technologies at its site in Mullagh, Ireland, allow PET to be recycled without compromising on quality. Sister bands Auriga, IVL Asia, and Trevira also offer a strong recycled PET (rPET) fiber portfolio to the hygiene industry. IVL’s Fibers business segment’s rPET portfolio is represented by the Deja brand platform, differentiated by a performance-led suite of sustainable solutions that help customers to achieve sustainability targets while also responding to end-consumers’ demand for transparency and environmental responsibility. Fibervisons and Avgol continue to develop sustainable fiber and nonwoven PP solutions, including PP recycling technologies.

Trevira will focus on the recently launched range of bicomponent fibers based on PLA and PBS (polybutylene succinate). Both biopolymers offer an exceptional technological opportunity for environmental care and sustainability. PLA and PBS are recyclable and 100% biodegradable under industrial conditions.

Avgol understands that there is no one single solution to Nonwovens sustainable developments, and adopt a holistic approach. Biotransformation PP is a key area of development, seeking a safe, proven, sustainable solution for absorbant hygiene products. Incorporating natural components, improved recyclability for PP, are key areas of focus for the company.

Shachar Rachim CEO, Hygiene Fibers Group said: “Indorama Ventures’ Hygiene Group is delighted to meet our customers face to face at the IDEA Show again. We are focused on working with customers to find solutions that add value to business, and also future focused and sustainable. I am particularly pleased at the progress we have made in biotransformation technology, which we look forward to sharing with you at the show. Biotransformation PP goes beyond biodegradation as it breaks down completely into non-toxic components that do not harm the environment. This, and also our latest developments in Deja™ Carbon Neutral PP Fibers, and the many other sustainable innovations for fibers and nonwovens, is what differentiates the IVL Hygiene Group as a partner of choice to the hygiene industry.”

Posted: March 29, 2022

Source: Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited (IVL)