Mechanix Wear Launches Torch™ Welding Series Gloves For Welders By Welders

VALENCIA, Calif. — April 5, 2021 — Mechanix Wear, a supplier of high-performance hand protection, announced today its all-new Torch™ Welding Series featuring top quality welding gloves designed to elevate protection for welders in the field. Mechanix Wear developed its Torch Welding Series gloves in partnership with Paul “Torch” Le Sage and a select group of skilled welders and fabricators from different disciplines. The gloves include a new patent-pending fingertip design and high-wearing Durahide™ Leather Technology as well as other unique features to create one of the most innovative and durable lines of welding gloves and accessories available.

Below is a summary of the four different gloves and accessories that make up the Torch Series:

  • Pulse TIG Welding Gloves features Durahide™ Goat Leather construction and glide-resistant side seam reinforcement for automotive, aerospace, manufacturing and construction welders.
  • Cascade MIG Welding Gloves features Durahide Cow Leather construction and glide-resistant side seam reinforcement for automotive, manufacturing and construction welders.
  • Flux Extended Gauntlet Leather Driver Gloves features Durahide Cow Leather construction, an FR cotton liner and torch palm reinforcement for structural and mechanical welding, shipbuilding, heavy equipment and pipe welding.
  • Regulator HD MIG & Stick Welding Gloves features a Kevlar® lining, which enables a ANSI A4 cut level, Durahide™ Board Leather construction and glide-resistant side seam reinforcement for structural and pipe welding.
  • X-Finger Heat Barrier is built with Durahide Boar leather and insulated with CarbonX®. The X-Finger is complete with yellow Kevlar® thread construction and a convenient adjustable hook and loop strap.
  • X-Pad Heat Barrier includes a CarbonX® heat barrier and heavyweight felt interior. The X-Pad is complete with yellow Kevlar thread construction, pocket inserts for the thumb and fingers and an easy-to-access storage loop.
  • SpeedKnit™ Heat Sleeves, two 18-inch sleeves with designated thumb holes, include 100-percent Kevlar construction provides heat resistance and CE Level 3 cut resistance. The machine-washable sleeves feature a Fiber-Shield® treatment that resists oil and other fluids.

“Across industries, welders require hand protection equipment that goes above and beyond the average work glove,” said Michael Hale, CEO at Mechanix Wear. “The innovative materials and structural integrity of our new Torch™ Series will be a game-changer for those who rely so heavily on their hands to do their job.”

Last September, Mechanix Wear announced an agreement with DuPont, a global innovation leader with technology-based materials, to license DuPont™ Kevlar, a cut-and-heat resistant material that meets or exceeds international standards for protection and performance. The new Torch™ Series is the first Mechanix Wear series to use DuPont™ Kevlar in select gloves and accessories to improve protection, performance and longevity.

Mechanix Wear’s Regulator HD MIG & Stick Welding Gloves were recognized as a DuPont’s Kevlar Glove Innovation Award winner in 2020. The awards showcased excellence in innovative glove designs from licensees that use DuPont Kevlar aramid fiber and continue to redefine the standards for performance and comfort in personal protective equipment (PPE).

“The welding and metal fabrication industry has a high glove turnover rate due to the lack of quality protective gear on the market,” said Le Sage, who has been involved in drag racing for decades and got his nickname from his background as a welder. “Our goal with the Torch Welding Series was to create much-needed protective equipment so professionals can get the job done — and get it done safely.”

Now celebrating its 30-year anniversary, Mechanix Wear continues to roll out a full slate of products that deliver superior fit, feel and function throughout the rest of 2021. The company also announced last month a multi-year partnership to become the Official Work Glove of the PBR (Professional Bull Riders).

Posted April 6, 2021

Source: Mechanix Wear