Web Industries’ Variance-In-Repeat Printing Creates Irregularly-Spaced Designs On Nonwovens Used In Personal Care Products

MARLBOROUGH, Mass. — February 5, 2020 — A printing capability for nonwoven materials that creates multiple repeat designs in the same print run is now available from the Personal & Home Care business unit of Web Industries Inc., a precision formatter of flexible materials. Field-tested variance-in-repeat printing delivers marketing and production advantages to manufacturers of personal care items such as adult incontinence wear, feminine care products and diapers.

The printing capability empowers brands to bring a variety of designs to market, rather than a single uniform design. For example, design images of flowers can be varied by location instead of appearing in the same place every time. Variations in images, colors or text are available.

“Our variance-in-repeat capability is an outgrowth of Web’s ingenuity and determination to enhance our customers’ product offering,” said Business Development Manager Courtney Robinson.

Production efficiency

Variance-in-repeat printing streamlines manufacturers’ production by incorporating multiple different repeating designs on a single roll of nonwoven material. The printed roll can run on one personal care product manufacturing line, offering variety and simplicity.

With conventional nonwoven material printing and formatting services, product manufacturers seeking variations in design need to order several different rolls, each carrying a repetitive and uniform design, process the rolls on separate lines and then collate them.

Supporting a major manufacturer

“We recently brought our print engineering services into play to craft a design solution for a personal care product manufacturing customer,” Robinson said.

“The company turned to Web Industries for help in producing a more attractive feminine undergarment’s waistband. Web succeeded in printing three slightly different repeating designs on a single roll of extensible nonwoven material.”

Robinson adds that the variance-in-repeat capability enabled the manufacturer to package the three designs on the same production line. This eliminated the need to use three different lines and then later sort the designs. The result was greater manufacturing efficiency and a more appealing garment for consumers.

Posted February 5, 2020

Source: Web Industries Inc.