JEC World 2020 Exhibitor Preview: Biteam

STOCKHOLM, Sweden — February 24, 2020 — Biteam, a Swedish 3D-weaving company, has developed a carbon-fiber-based small cross-section profiled tapered tube reinforcement for producing a stiff and lightweight composite material construct. It is single-walled and measures about half a meter in length with cross-sections of about 3×3 millimeters (mm) at front and 8×3 mm at rear end.

It can be customized to house a suitable camera or sensor, probe, light source etc. Such a tube can be attached to a drone or robot to inspect aircraft, wind mill blades and buildings. Its other emerging uses are grippers for robots, antennas for space probes, and cores for certain tapered sandwich structures.

Its relatively small dimensions also enable it to reach inaccessible or difficult-to-reach areas. The reinforcement can be customized in different ways according to specific application needs.

The tapered tube will be displayed at Biteam’s stand at the forthcoming JEC Composites Show 2020 in Paris.

Posted February 24, 2020

Source: Biteam AB