Lenzing Launches VEOCEL®, LENZING™ Web Technology

The Lenzing Group, Austria, has developed a new line of fibers for eco-responsible flushable wipes. VEOCEL™ Lyocell fibers feature Eco Disperse technology that give wipes made using the fiber improved biological disintegration performance, while still maintaining wet strength and effective liquid management. The Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry (INDA) and EDANA have certified nonwoven products featuring a blend containing Veocel Lyocell with Eco Disperse technology and wood pulp as fully flushable in accordance with INDA/EDANA Guidelines for Assessing the Flushability of Disposable Nonwoven Products.

Lenzing also announced a new technology platform, LENZING™ Web Technology. The company invested 26 million euros and several years in research and development, and now has a 1-meter-wide pilot line up and running at its Lenzing, Austria, headquarters.