VOLT Smart Yarns To Exhibit At WEAR 2018 Smart Fabrics Conference

HICKORY, N.C. — June 7, 2018 — VOLT Smart Yarns — a division of Supreme Corp. and a producer of revolutionary highly conductive yarns and products for smart textiles — will exhibit at this year’s WEAR 2018 smart fabrics conference, held in New York City June 11-13, 2018. The company’s recent breakthroughs in new connection techniques between smart fabric and technology, and the yarn’s unique compatibility with commercialized sewing that enables any textile to be engineered into wearable technology, will greatly contribute to this year’s WEAR 2018 conference theme, “The Thread That Ties Us Together.”

“WEAR 2018 features some of the biggest names in the technology and smart textile spaces that come together to discuss the future of wearable technology, a future that VOLT Smart Yarns is actively creating with new yarn capabilities and partnerships,” said Matt Kolmes, CEO of VOLT Smart Yarns. “Part of the challenge of creating smart fabrics has been bridging the divide between fabrics and technology, a specific focus of the conference this year. At VOLT Smart Yarns we have come up with a connection solution to our proprietary yarn technology that I look forward to discussing with others in the industry.”

A recent winner of the International Fabric Association International (IFAI) Show Stopper award, VOLT Smart Yarns has been gaining momentum in the smart fabrics industry due to its ability to deliver the only conductive yarn through four highly conductive insulated wires that can be used in commercialized sewing.

Most recently, VOLT Smart Yarns has partnered with Textile Instruments, using NASA sensor technology to create a whole new type of wearable sensory technology that doesn’t require the use of batteries or electricity. Through the partnership, sensors can be easily added to existing fabrics or materials, for wireless health status monitoring. The partnership also capitalizes on a broad range of new use cases and business models. Together, VOLT Smart Yarns and Textile Instruments are able to make a textile sensor system that is scalable and ubiquitous in nature.

Posted June 7, 2018

Source: Supreme Corporation