ExxonMobil Makes Polypropylene Commitment Launching New Achieve Advanced PP

HOUSTON — April 24, 2018 — ExxonMobil has introduced Achieve™ advanced PP, featuring new products that offer a significant step beyond traditional polypropylene (PP) performance. Built on technology innovations, these products allow customers to challenge reality. Now customers can rethink what is possible in a range of applications, including: automotive parts, rigid packaging, nonwovens, and appliances. The performance of Achieve advanced PP combined with value chain collaboration enables customers to unlock new business opportunities.

Achieve advanced PP eliminates trade-offs associated with conventional polymers. For example, improving the stiffness and toughness balance in automotive applications is possible; in rigid packaging, stiffness and processing efficiency can now be increased together; and, in appliance parts, high gloss can be attained economically.

“Achieve advanced PP specifically addresses our customers’ desire for innovation and growth. Through collaboration and our combined expertise, these advanced PP solutions can unlock new business opportunities,” said Cindy Shulman, ExxonMobil vice president of Plastics and Resins. “Our Achieve advanced PP launch further demonstrates our commitment to the industry, complementing our recently announced plans for a PP investment on the U.S. Gulf Coast.”

Delivering extraordinarily tough automotive parts, this advanced PP is inspiring compounders and auto makers to challenge reality. With 35 percent higher impact versus standard impact copolymers, Achieve advanced PP enables tougher, lighter vehicle components that are durable and safe. Plastomer loading can be reduced by up to 50 percent for cost saving opportunities.

Enabling remarkably rigid containers, cups and tubs for the retail and food service industry, Achieve advanced PP is encouraging manufacturers to challenge reality. Exploiting high melt strength, designers can deliver stiffer packaging and gain economic benefit from excellent processing. Opportunities exist to downgauge wall thickness by up to 15 percent and increase line speeds by 7 percent for higher output. Packaging made with Achieve advanced PP is microwaveable, reusable and is widely recyclable.

Achieve advanced PP sets the benchmark for tremendously comfortable nonwovens. It allows brand owners to challenge reality by providing outstanding barrier properties and up to 15 percent higher fabric strength that can be tailored to meet the needs of diapers, wipes, adult incontinence, and feminine care products.

Delivering amazingly eye-catching appliances, this widely recyclable advanced PP is ideal for upgrading standard impact copolymer solutions or replacing over-engineered ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene). Achieve advanced PP helps brand owners challenge reality because parts with 20 percent higher gloss than standard PP can now be economically produced.

“Achieve advanced PP is motivating brand owners and manufacturers to rethink what is possible with PP,” said Shulman. “Using this advanced PP eliminates trade-offs in performance, processing and end-of-life handling.”

Customers can use Achieve advanced PP to challenge reality and unlock new opportunities, while being supported by the ExxonMobil brand values of global reliability, product consistency and technical support that are critical for business growth.

Posted April 24, 2018

Source:  ExxonMobil Chemical