Panasonic Announces Price Revisions for Copper Clad Laminates, Prepregs, and Mass Laminations

OSAKA, Japan — March 9, 2018 — Panasonic Corp. today announced revisions to the prices of its printed circuit board materials. The price increase will affect its copper clad laminates, prepregs, and “PreMulti” mass laminations with inner layer circuits.

Panasonic revised prices of copper clad laminates, prepregs, and PreMulti mass laminations with inner layer circuits in 2017 due to increases in the prices of primary raw materials. Since then, the supply of epoxy resin raw materials has decreased due to tougher Chinese environmental regulations, the price of crude oil has increased, while the increase in active global demand for electronic circuit boards has placed pressure on the supply-demand balance. As a result, high prices continue for epoxy resin, copper foil, and glass cloth, all primary raw materials for electronic circuit boards.

In order to prioritize the steady supply of products, Panasonic partially accepted higher costs for raw materials and tried to absorb them internally with manufacturing rationalization and cost reductions. However, it is difficult to further absorb more price increases. As the company expects the pressure on the supply-demand balance to continue in the future, in order to ensure a steady supply of products, the company has decided to partially reflect the increases in raw material prices in the pricing of the following products.

Products subject to the price revisions and the scale of the revision with respect to the current prices

Product                                                                 Scale of the revision with respect to the current price

Copper clad laminates                                              +10% of the current price

Prepegs, Adhesion insulation sheets                           +8% of the current price

Mass laminations: PreMulti                                          +5% of the current price

The new pricing will be effective with shipments starting on April 1, 2018

Posted March 21, 2018

Source: Panasonic Corp.