Treves TSC Becomes Tesca — New Name, New Ambitions

PARIS — February 5, 2018 — Trèves TSC group, an automotive textiles and seat components expert, is now Tesca.

Driven by new shareholders who invested in 2016, the group is launching its new strategy for design and manufacture of automotive interiors. The new name Tesca illustrates the group’s wish to differentiate the company and accelerate its internal and external growth.

“Along with the name Tesca, we are announcing our values and goals: creativity, innovation and worldwide presence dedicated to the automotive industry. As a privately owned, medium-sized company among the large automotive system suppliers, we focus on providing a premium level of service. With our 2,800 employees, we generate more than 200 million euros in sales, and are planning to double by 2025,” explained Tesca CEO Carl de Freitas.

The importance of R&D: a new research center

Tesca has announced a new R&D center, with a brand-new building located near Reims France, east of Paris, which will boost the development of innovative seat components with over fifty people, mostly engineers.
The research centre has a prototyping unit that serves for short-cycle development for car manufacturers. “We have other R&D branches in Wolfsburg, Barcelona, Wuhan, Detroit and Mumbai, for greater proximity to our customers, but the teams are guided from France. With this new R&D center, linked to our design office in Paris, our teams are focusing on our ‘Challenge Creativity’ hallmark,” adds Mr de Freitas.

New facilities in the United States

In December 2017, the group established a foothold in North America through the acquisition of Custom Manufacturing and Assembly Inc. This buyout expanded the group’s geographic scope by bringing in two new sites — an office in Greenville, S.C., and a research and production centre in the Detroit suburbs — providing support to the American car manufacturers and to the group’s long-standing customers for their U.S. operations.

With its various geographical locations, Tesca is able to produce all over the world, including in Europe, Brazil, Russia, India, United States, North Africa and China.

What is the Tesca group?

Tesca is an expert in the design and manufacture of automotive textiles and seat components. Under new ownership since late 2016, the Group has 2,800 employees worldwide at 14 different locations, in Europe, North Africa, Russia, Asia, Latin America, and now North America. The Group is recognized for its innovative solutions in the global automotive industry and holds a significant number of patents for the design/manufacture of seat components such as headrests, armrests, seat upholstery, padding, and more.

In 2017, it generated sales of about 220 million euros.

Posted February 5, 2018