Jones Nonwovens Plant Ahead Of The Curve: Expansion Anticipates Demand For Natural Fiber Products

HUMBOLDT, Tenn. — January 26, 2018 —  New production capabilities and capacity at the Jones Nonwovens plant in North Las Vegas positions the company to fulfill the rapidly growing demand for natural fiber and other sustainable fiber products for manufacturing and packaging. The new line increases the company’s overall capacity and doubles their capacity in North Las Vegas.

Jones can now create new and differentiated products with the new production line. Some of these products will target “comfort layers” in traditional mattress constructions and base support layers in one-sided mattress constructions.

Jones Nonwovens began production in North Las Vegas in early 2006. After more than a decade of successful growth, the company began planning to add capacity to serve the West Coast. The 2018 expansion was brought about in part by the need for thicker, more resilient products for mattresses. Jones has seen more and more of the products they have traditionally sold into the mattress industry being displaced by foam and man-made fiber. This expansion allows Jones to help manufacturers replace more foam and synthetic components with sustainable and natural materials.

“The investment in new manufacturing technology and innovation at our Nonwovens plant in North Las Vegas demonstrates the commitment of the Jones Family of Companies to meeting customer-driven demand for sustainable materials in bedding, packaging, and other markets,” said Richard Ayers, president and CEO, Jones Family of Companies.

The air lay technology used in the new line randomizes the fiber orientation rather than combing and paralleling the fibers. This gives much more spring or bounce to the fiber pad as opposed to traditional carding. Residual height is greatly enhanced.

Founded in 1936, Jones Family of Companies is a leader in the textile industry. The company was formed through a partnership between two brothers and today is led by a third generation family member and Senior Leadership Team committed to the same high standards as the founders. The company has two divisions: Jones Yarn and Jones Nonwovens.

Jones Nonwovens provides products for the sleep, furniture, packaging, acoustics, automotive and floor care industries. Jones Nonwovens actively participates in the Southern Cotton Ginners Association, the Southeastern Ginners Association, International Sleep Products Association (ISPA), Southern Textile Association, National Council of Textile Organizations (NCTO) and the Specialty Sleep Association. They are committed to introducing new product innovations and responsible manufacturing.

Posted January 26, 2018

Source: Jones Family of Companies