Prime Medical’s Chlorine-Shielded Textiles Now Available To 44 Hospitals In Illucient Purchasing Alliance

LARGO, Fla. — August 7, 2017 — Prime Medical — a manufacturer of chlorine-shielded privacy curtains, apparel and bed linens for healthcare — announced today it has joined the Illucient Purchasing Alliance, and will now be available to the 44 member hospitals throughout North Carolina and South Carolina that utilize the aggregated purchasing power of the Illucient Portfolio for negotiated discounts for their facility’s supply chain needs.

Illucient is a collaboration between Coastal Carolinas Health Alliance and the Southern Atlantic Healthcare Alliance and has generated millions of dollars in annual savings for its hospital members since joining forces in 2015.

“Illucient is pleased to expand its portfolio with proven, next-generation healthcare products at a valuable price point for our members,” said Lindsay Maher, associate director of Operations. “We are excited to add Prime Medical’s line of chlorine-shielded privacy curtains, apparel and bed linens to our catalog so hospitals in our network can have access to innovative technologies that support a healthier, safer environment for patients, visitors and staff.”

The SAF-T™ product line is made with a patented fabric technology that binds chlorine molecules from each laundering in EPA-registered bleach. The retained chlorine on the fabric kills bacteria and viruses while the products are in use and the chlorine-shield is fully reactivated with each wash, as directed.

In today’s healthcare environment, the risk of acquiring an infection during a hospital stay has remained relatively constant despite the best practices of increased hand hygiene and improved cleaning and disinfection methods.

“While much effort and attention is placed on handwashing and cleaning the hard surfaces around the patient, what is often overlooked as a source of contamination are the fabrics that patients and staff are in direct contact with 24-7,” says Jim Sampey, Prime Medical CEO. “With our products, we’re able to transform the surface area of the privacy curtain, bed linens and patient gown with chlorine molecules that kill germs. Those three products alone represent approximately 330 sq. feet of surface area that can actively fight pathogens, rather than allow them to flourish. If you’re the patient in the bed, we want you to be surrounded in fabric is fighting germs, instead of harboring them.”

Posted August 7, 2017

Source: Prime Medical