Merrow’s Activeseam Improves Products In The Medical Textile Sector With New Comfort Technology And The Merrow MB-4DFO-2.5 Sewing Machine

FALL RIVER, Mass. — May 17, 2017 — ActiveSeam, Merrow’s newest technology, is poised to revolutionize medical and compression garment manufacturing by replacing the traditional flatlock seam with a flatter, stronger stitch.

The new Activeseam for Compression is set to be introduced in new product by a global medical device company in late 2017 or early 2018, leveraging Merrow’s new MB-4DFO 2.5 series industrial sewing machine — now available through regional distribution in 87 countries.

Additionally, ActiveSeam is the world’s first branded stitch, bringing a distinctive value to retail products.

Why is ActiveSeam great for medical and compression garments?

  • With a flat profile and twice the stretch built into the seam, ActiveSeam garments are extraordinarily comfortable and do not restrict movement;
  • ActiveSeam replaces Flatlock with a stronger, more elastic, and infinitely more attractive seam construction that is ideal for specialized applications like Medical Compression garments;
  • When compared to a 6-thread flatlock seam with identical thread, fabric, and SPI, Merrow ActiveSeam 2 & 3-thread seams proved to be more than 30-percent stronger and had the ability to stretch (linear travel) 100-percent further;
  • ActiveSeam is almost undetectable when applied next to skin; and
  • With more stretch built into the seam, the garment can be designed to fit the human body better without restricting athletic movement.

ActiveSeam is uniquely suited for any application that entails a garment’s seams be pressed against skin because of its extremely flat profile, flexibility, and unparalleled comfort. This is great news for anyone who utilizes compression wear, particularly compression garments or athletic apparel, as ActiveSeam substantially increases pliability and improves overall fit.

Posted May 17, 2017

Source: Merrow