Chomarat Announces A Three-Year Investment Plan Worth 35 Million Euros

LE CHEYLARD, France — April 19, 2017 — The international textile Group CHOMARAT is announcing that it has set up an investment plan worth 35 million euros over a three-year period to boost innovation and modernize its French sites in the Ardèche region.

Investing To Innovate

The 35-million-euro investment will enable Chomarat to acquire new technologies for its composite, construction, and coating activities, to modernize its site dedicated to the production of glass-fiber reinforcements, and to develop carbon solutions. “Innovation is what makes us competitive both in France and abroad, and it drives our growth, so it is a core priority for the Group,” explains CHOMARAT Group Managing Director Michel Cognet. The Group leads a robust innovation strategy and cooperates with universities and technical centres all over the world. It also sponsors a number of French and European collaborative projects, developing synergies and creativity around forward-looking topics.

Winning New Markets

“Chomarat already has a foothold in a number of markets, such as marine, energy, sports equipment, construction, and luxury goods. Through this program, we are choosing to focus our development strategy on two new sectors: aerospace and automotive,” says Cognet.

In the automotive sector, the innovations will focus on carbon-fiber reinforcements, which help to lower the weight of vehicles, and on thermoplastic coatings for dashboards.

A Million-Euro Bonus Under The Regional Development Policy

The Group has a million-euro bonus under the regional development policy. “Chomarat is an independent, family-run group with strong ties to the region where it was established 120 years ago. We thank the government and all the local and regional authorities for their support,” concluded Cognet.

Posted April 19, 2017