Mogul Adds Capacity, Introduces Madaline

Turkey-based nonwovens producer Mogul Co. Ltd. reports it has added a cross-lapped spunlace line to its plant near Istanbul. Products manufactured using the line will be marketed under the Durell® brand name. The cross-lapped arrangement of carded fiber produces a nonwoven with comparable machine direction (MD) and cross direction (CD) tensile strengths. Mogul reports the fabrics, with a MD:CD ratio of 0.8 to 1.1, are suitable for applications where multi-directional fabric strength is needed including automotive, wipes, building materials, medical, personal care, home textiles and lamination, among other applications.

Mogul also recently introduced Madaline, a nonwoven product that is produced using a patented bicomponent technology to extrude one-of-a-kind filament designs that are then subjected to high-pressure water jets to shear, fibrillate, entangle and consolidate the microfilaments into a fabric. Mogul reports Madaline offers similar touch and drape to a traditional textile, but with the filtration and barrier properties found in nonwovens.

March/April 2017