Freudenberg Performance Materials Launches New Evolon® Website

WEINHEIM, Germany — January 3, 2017 — Freudenberg Performance Materials is launching a new website for Evolon®. With one click visitors will obtain detailed information on the technology invented by Freudenberg and the particular benefits which the microfilament fabric can provide them. The website complements the company´s corporate website.

A wealth of information for professionals

Each Evolon application is described in detail on a dedicated page, with photographs and comprehensive explanations on the features and key advantages. A page entitled “Your industry” makes it possible to find all the applications likely to be of interest to a particular sector of activity. For example, a professional in the automobile industry will have direct access to acoustic, high-tech cleaning cloth and technical packaging applications. To request additional information, the easily accessible contact function makes it possible to send a message directly to the Evolon experts at Freudenberg.

For end customers: knowing where to buy

End customers can go to the website to find out where to buy products manufactured using Evolon. For example, a person with allergies wishing to equip their bed with anti-dust mite protection can select their country and directly reach websites selling anti-dust mite encasings made from Evolon. This function is also available for other applications such as printing media, providing direct access to the distributors of the materials.

A dynamic and didactic design

The site design incorporates the new Freudenberg brand and adopts a modern and clear look. It features animated pictograms which make it possible for visitors to visualise and thereby better understand the properties and benefits of the fabric.

The website is available in English, German and French and is visible on the majority of Internet-enabled devices, notably mobile devices.

Posted January 3, 2017

Source: Freudenberg