Alexiflam FR Treated Samples Sent To The United States Marine Corps

PERTH, Australia/WASHINGTON — November 7, 2016 — On the heels of meeting with senior personnel at United States Marine Corps Systems Command to discuss next generation flame retardant military uniforms, Alexium International Group Ltd. is pleased to announce that it recently furnished the Marines samples of Corps approved uniform fabric treated with Alexium’s environmentally friendly flame retardant chemistry along with independent testing data.

These samples will now be evaluated by technology and procurement specialists at the Infantry Combat Equipment (ICE) division of the Marine Corps, which has the task of ensuring the uniforms worn by the Marines are safe and effective.

“Much like the consumer market, the military market has reacted to the serious health risks, both to personnel and the environment, of using dangerous, outdated flame retardant chemistry,” said Alexium CEO Nicholas Clark. “When we met with the Marines, they immediately requested data and samples of their preferred fabric treated with our innovative FR chemistry, and we are pleased to deliver on that request and to have our product evaluated against the most stringent specifications. With our continued work with the Army, working closely with the Marine Corps is a natural step for Alexium to take, and I have every confidence that after evaluation, Alexium will play a vital role to help protect these brave men and women who serve,” added Clark.

Marine Corps Systems Command and the Army’s Program Executive Office – Soldier have been collaborating to develop, test and deliver ever-better capabilities for Marines and Soldiers. These acquisition professionals are tasked to ensure uniforms and personal protective equipment are safe and effective. This effort is ongoing, and flame resistant uniforms and protective materials was listed as a top priority for this group in September, and Alexium has been well received since the initial discussion began.

Alexium President, Dirk Van Hyning, added: “Expanding our efforts with the United States military has always been a goal of Alexium, and this advances that effort in a significant way. Alexium first targeted producing an eco-friendly FR nylon-cotton twill product for the Marines over two years ago and our significant progress toward a finished, ready-to-go uniform fabric was clear to the Marines, as evidenced by the request for data and samples Alexium has provided. This is an exciting complementary effort to our work with the Army.”

Posted November 7, 2016

Source:Alexium International Group