J-Pac Medical Offers Dry Room Processing Capabilities For Assembly & Packaging Of Environmentally-Sensitive Healthcare Products

SOMERSWORTH, N.H. — February 24, 2016 — J-Pac Medical, a manufacturing and packaging outsourcing partner for medical device and diagnostic companies, announced its dry room processing capabilities for the packaging of environmentally-sensitive healthcare products. J-Pac’s dry room capabilities feature low humidity processing in Class 7 cleanrooms with options for both low and high volume applications.

The low humidity environment extends the WIP Time (Open Exposure Time) for materials and components that are moisture sensitive. This reduces the risk of overexposure to humidity that can negatively affect shelf life and efficacy. Any of J-Pac’s processing competencies can be housed within its dry rooms. The capability is tailored to support manufacturing and packaging flows that incorporate absorbable polymers, lyophilized materials supporting implantation or diagnostic testing, and any production flow reliant on low humidity processing and modified atmosphere packaging.

For low volume dry room processing, J-Pac’s custom fabrication rooms are maintained at less than 30 percent relative humidity (RH) and feature modified atmosphere pouch packaging (nitrogen and CO2), a nitrogen storage chamber and a nitrogen drying oven. Low volume dry room processing is ideal for applications that include surgical and intravascular implants that incorporate drug components or absorbable polymer.  Such products are typical in the sports medicine, trauma, orthopedics, wound management, tissue replacement, plastic surgery, neural and endoscopy market segments.  A more spacious dry room is also available to house higher volume flows.  This room is maintained at <20% RH.

“As a trusted manufacturing and packaging outsourcing partner to the world’s most innovative medical device and diagnostic companies, J-Pac Medical endeavors to provide our customers with a comprehensive set of options to meet their most critical product development challenges,” said Rick Crane, Vice President of the Innovation Services Group at J-Pac Medical. “It is our specialized capabilities such as dry room processing and unique materials handling expertise that is important to our customers, and we will continue to find new ways to deliver added-value to the market.”

Posted February 25, 2016

Source: J-Pac Medical