AUTEFA Solutions Customized Concepts And Service For Complete Needlepunch Line

FRIEDBERG, Germany — February 19, 2016 — The sales teams of AUTEFA Solutions combines experts of the former companies Fehrer, F.O.R, AUTEFA and Strahm. The IDEA show is the perfect place to present the economic and technical advantages of AUTEFA Solutions as a full line supplier for needlepunch nonwoven lines.

AUTEFA Solutions needlepunch lines meet customers’ requirements for quality web formation, bonding, active weight regulation, and minimal maintenance requirements. AUTEFA Solutions delivers turnkey nonwoven lines including opening and blending, chute feed, carding, crosslapping, needlepunching, drafting, and winding. With AUTEFA Solutions complete line performance equipment the company offers a solution for every customer.

Marco Fano, CEO AUTEFA Solutions, explained:” Customers expect more technological support, a perfect spare part service and a solution for the cumbersome and expensive needle exchange. The performance of the needle loom increases once the needle loom will be not considered as a stand‐ alone machine.”

The combination of the crosslapper and a needle machine, monitored by a “closed loop control” leads to higher fabric quality. In many staple fiber and nonwoven lines, the crosslapper is important for determining quality. Using the crosslapper from the ‘Topliner’ series, combined with the profiling system and the additional WebMAX equipment, prevents the increased weight of the fabric in the edge areas, called the ‘smile effect’. This results in an excellent uniformity in the fabric and, thanks to a considerable saving of materials, a lasting reduction in material costs.

Automatic Needle Exchange — without manual intervention

With the Automatic Needle Exchanger 2.0 AUTEFA Solutions has a unique service machines for every needle loom. The Needle Exchanger enables a fully automatic process of needle rotation and exchange without manual intervention.

The machine exchanges single, all, or user defined segments of needles. The Automatic Needle Exchanger 2.0 offers an unprecedented level of needle management. The machine fits into every service workshop and increases efficiency and economics. Some of the key figures are an operating speed of up to 1,500 needles/h and a needle magazine for more than 10,000 needles. For removing and setting of needles no direct involvement of operating personnel is necessary.

Nonwoven Card Web Master FUTURA‐ best access for cleaning and maintenance

Customer demands are driving AUTEFA Solutions new developments in nonwoven cards. The Web Master FUTURA card is specially developed and designed for high production speeds, tailored to the worldwide requirements for Nonwoven Lines.

The focus of the new card Web Master FUTURA is to improve maintenance. AUTEFA Solutions therefore completely reworked the Easy Opening System. The system is placed on high precision linear bearings, so after closing all rollers are exactly in the same position like before. The different parts of the card, means feeding group, first main cylinder, transfer group and doffers, are each placed on a separate carriage. The carriages are connected to each other by one screw on each side forming a “train” allowing easy and full access for cleaning and maintenance.

AUTEFA Solutions united the former companies AUTEFA, Fehrer, F.O.R and Strahm. The product range includes fiber preparation machines, nonwovens cards as well as aerodynamic web forming machines (Airlay), crosslappers and needle looms for mechanical bonding.

With AUTEFA Solutions Switzerland (former Strahm Hi‐Tech) the company expanded and offers equipment for thermobonding, drying as well as cutting, slitting, winding and festooning. AUTEFA Solutions is an international machine manufacturing group with locations in Europe, USA and China. AUTEFA Solutions is part of China Hi‐Tech Group Corporation (CHTC).

Posted February 22, 2016

Source: AUTEFA Solutions Germany