Mogul Expands Production in Turkey With Two New And Diversified Production Lines

GAZIANTEP, Turkey — January 8, 2016 — Mogul is expanding its production in Turkey with a third plant at Luleburgaz, Turkey.  Mogul currently operates two plants at Gaziantep in Turkey.  The new plant is located in Luleburgaz, a significant distance from the Gaziantep plants but very close to Istanbul.

Mogul’s production at this third plant will utilize cutting edge technology to add performance based fabrics to their existing nonwoven offerings to better serve demand for specialized and differentiated end uses such as technical applications.  The new products will comprise complex fibers, filaments and web formations as well as chemical treatment and printing applications.

The high grade production lines include processes such as splittable bi-component filaments as well as cross-lap spunlace.  The new lines are scheduled to become operational during the second half of 2016.

Posted January 12, 2016

Source: Mogul Nonwovens


Mogul plans to leverage their experience in spunbond and spunlace to evolve new products using the latest bico and microfilament technology.  Mogul specifically addressed this goal by acquiring patents for unique micro-filament structures from North Carolina State University.  Mogul’s first venture into bico technology was with its Buffalo® brand fabrics which required development of expertise uniquely separate from common fiber extrusion processes.  This technology produces cloth-like fabrics to address markets such as clothing and upholstery including suitability for ink jet printing  as well as wipes and other technical applications.


The new cross-lap spunlace technology compliments Mogul’s existing spunlace fabric offerings and targets demand in automotive, artificial leather, dry wipes, depilation pads, roofing and medical and hygienic  markets.  The cross-lap line will incorporate  latest technology in-line impregnation for  fabric padding, acrylic binding, water and alcohol repellent treatments, flame retardant treatment and fabric colouring.


Spokesperson CEO Serkan Gogus  noted “at Mogul we pursue our business aggressively throughout all its facets and associated technological advancements.  This is how we remain competitive in our markets, by utilizing our knowledge to evolve new products which respond to market needs.  With our new venture, we aim to obtain more durable, efficient and natural comfort fabrics which will open new frontiers for us .”


The new facility at Luleburgaz is located within driving distance from Istanbul, the commercial and industrial center of Turkey, with easy access to both seaport and trucking routes to Europe.


This is the first stage investment of a three phase investment plan for the Luleburgaz plant intending to eventually triple initial capacity.