Invista, Aurizon Collaborate; NSA Acquires Tecgen® Brand

Invista, Wichita, Kan., will work with Aurizon Ultrasonics, Kimberly, Wis., to develop unique ultrasonic bonding equipment and novel stretch fibers for stretch laminates used in hygiene applications. The goal of the joint project is to improve the fit and comfort of hygiene products such as diapers by producing laminates without using hot melt elastic adhesives.

“Invista is excited to explore the combination of Aurizon’s cutting edge capabilities in ultrasonic bonding with our market leading research and development team that has delivered continuous innovations to our Lycra HyFit® offering,” said Scott Blackadar, global vice president, Invista.

In other company news, Invista Ashburn Hill LLC sold its Tecgen® brand of safety apparel to Cleveland-based National Safety Apparel (NSA). “The timing was good for National Safety Apparel to acquire the Tecgen brand assets,” said Anthony Green, global business director of FR Apparel, Invista. “Invista will continue to focus our capabilities on developing innovative technology based solutions for workwear, military and consumer applications where performance and protection create value for our customers.”

September/October 2015