Suominen Debuts Fibrella™ Lite Spunlace

Finland-based Suominen has introduced Fibrella Lite, a spunlace nonwoven designed for the hygiene market. According to the company, Fibrella Lite is cloth-like, soft, breathable and skin friendly; as well as lightweight, but stretchable. The 25 or 28 gram per square meter nonwoven may be combined with other products in hot-melt, extrusion, heat or ultrasonic applications; and is well-suited to baby care and adult incontinence applications.

“Suominen’s expansion into the hygiene business is one of the key elements of our growth strategy,” said Lynda Kelly, senior vice president, Care business area. “Fibrella Lite is a perfect example of innovative application of technology to match traditionally incompatible nonwoven features like softness, strength and light weight together in one material.”

January/February 2015