Autefa Solutions Expands Product Range Into Thermally Bonded Nonwovens

FRIEDBERG, Germany — March 6, 2014 — Autefa Solutions future range of machinery will also include equipment for thermobonding, drying as well as cutting and winding technology. For that purpose, the company Autefa Solutions Switzerland AG, based in Lengwil was founded.

From the holders of the rights of the insolvent Strahm Hi-Tex System AG licenses for the relevant intellectual property rights and the trade mark rights have been obtained. For the new company employees from management, sales and engineering could be recruited, who will enable to continue the innovative technology of the former Strahm Hi-Tex Systems.

“With this strategic expansion of our product program we are now able to offer turnkey lines also in the field of thermally bonded nonwovens and for applications in drying technology. We are very pleased to employ a team of specialists for the engineering and sales of such lines in our new location in Switzerland. Especially with regard to the efficient use of energy resources, we will extend the excellent technology of former Strahm, in order to combine innovative concepts with our proven technologies in the interests of our customers.”, Dr. Stefan Schlichter, CEO of Autefa Solutions Group explained.

In addition to web bonding by needling and spunlacing the application of thermal bonding in the range of medium to heavy web weights and in the hygienic sector becomes a significant alternative. As one of the leading suppliers of complete solutions in the production of nonwovens, Autefa Solutions is in the position now to complete own innovative concepts by this important application field.

On the basis of a license agreement with the owners of the intellectual property rights and the know-how, the technologies developed from the insolvent Strahm Hi-Tex Systems AG in Lengwil, Switzerland can be used and further developed. Besides the brands AUTEFA, FEHRER, OCTIR and FOR, the brand name STRAHM as technology name is continued.

The newly founded Autefa Solutions Switzerland AG offers to a team of experienced development and sales specialists a new basis to utilize the development potential under the roof of the Autefa Solutions Group. In Lengwil (Switzerland) sales, R & D and construction are located, purchase, production and assembly take place in Friedberg (Germany), the headquarters of the group.

“Thus we use the synergies of our group and make sure that the state-of-the-art-concepts of our new sales and development group in Switzerland are reliably implemented from our production and installation specialists in Germany.”, Dr. Stefan Schlichter adds.

The special product range comprises Through Air Thermobonding and Drying Lines for all nonwoven processes (Carded, Airlay, Airlaids, Wetlaids) as well as Festooner, Cutting, Winding and Stacking Machines and Powder Impregnation Lines. Strahm has developed ENREC, a 6-level energy saving concept which substantially reduces the energy consumption of new or existing lines.

“Our global acting sales team is eager to combine these new technologies with our proven and state-of-the- art plant concepts and to present our competence in the range of turnkey plants for innovative and completely optimized nonwoven products.”, Marco Fano, head of sales, explains.

Under the guidance of André Imhof, an established team of experts of the new Autefa Solutions Switzerland is looking forward to the opportunity of offering the development potential of their lines also to long-time customers under the roof of the globally acting Autefa Solutions Group.

Especially in the range of aerodynamic webs and AFL- nonwovens the use of Strahm’s Through Air Thermobonding and Drying Lines presents a perfect combination of the state-of-the-art technologies.

Posted March 7, 2014

Source: Autefa Solutions