Dyneema® Max Technology Setting New Performance Standards In Standing Rigging

HEERLEN, The Netherlands — November 19, 2012 — At METS 2012 (Marine Equipment Trade Show) in
Amsterdam RAI Convention Centre, DSM, producer of Dyneema®, the world’s strongest fiber™, has
introduced Dyneema® Max Technology DM20, a new fiber designed for the production of incredibly
strong ropes that provide unrivalled strength, and durability – ideal for standing rigging.

As the yachting world strives to gain the maximum performance from boats large and small,
saving weight is of paramount importance. Since the early days of sailing, rigging has
traditionally been made of rope. In more recent times standing rigging has become the domain of
steel wire.

Racing yachts however have stretched the levels of performance beyond the capabilities of
standard material. Dyneema® is already well established in high performance running rigging and
sailcloth applications based on the material’s high strength, low weight and excellent durability.
Now, with Dyneema® Max Technology DM20, the performance characteristics have been further enhanced,
thereby positioning the material for use in standing rigging for the first time.

Dyneema® Max Technology offers an excellent alternative that bridges the gap between SWR
(steel wire rope) and current performance polymer fiber ropes. SWR is heavy and can be influenced
by temperature, weather, and strain. Carbon, LCP and PBO fibres deliver improved performance but
are susceptible to chemical and UV attack, reducing their overall durability and life span.

Rigging made from Dyneema® Max Technology is a light weight alternative for all yachts,
meeting today’s yachting market needs where performance and safety are key demands of sailors and
influence yacht construction and design.

Dyneema® Max Technology DM20 sets new standards for durability in yacht rigging, withstanding
high static loads with limited permanent elongation, even in the most extreme environments and for
long periods of time. It also offers excellent UV and salt water resistance. Slim, lightweight and
with a smaller diameter means low windage, furthermore standing rigging made with Dyneema® Max
Technology is extremely resistant to abrasion, bending and overall mechanical fatigue.

Compared to most traditional materials, Dyneema® is exceptional in its UV, water and impact
resistance. Whether it’s sun, salt or varying temperatures, standing rigging made with Dyneema® Max
Technology can withstand whatever nature throws at them – long-term.

Posted on November 27, 2012

Source: DSM Dyneema